A silver Elie Bean. I can’t tell you how much I love this. Gift today from the talented hands and mind of Fassy Veith.

Our ‘stamps’: Many thank yous to Laurie Larsh and her BiL-2-be Sten Mostrom at Liberty Tattoo.

Glass bead necklace containing Elie’s ashes. Made by Christina Cole in San Diego.


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12 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. jo

    Love the tattoos and the necklace is truly beautiful just like Elie- what fantastic idea to keep her close forever xx

  2. Nonnie

    no words, just breathe…

  3. The tattoos are such a great way to have her near you. The necklace, so pretty. She’s with you always. She’s in the hearts of many other people too. I look at her picture every morning…….

  4. Mandi Innis

    I love the tattoos! Also, that necklace is so beautiful. I had no idea they could do something like that, and I love it. Still thinking about you guys! Love you!

  5. Jodie Brooks

    LOVE!!!! Keeping you all in our thoughts!

  6. Dana McMurry

    I love the simplicity of this post … just breathe and love. Thinking about you guys even more than usual today. (which basically means there will be no productivity for me today since I’ll be thinking of you every minute instead of just every hour).

  7. Aunt Shyrl

    Love you both forever and always! Just remember you don’t have to be strong, you don’t have to smile. You don’t have to stop the tears, or go back to normal. You do have to know that on those days I am there sending you all my love and strength to get you through. Love you both more than you know, and am always here for you.

  8. Kelley


  9. Wow, beautiful! Just like her

  10. Karen Price

    Love the tattoos! What a fantastic way to remember and keep her so close! Beautiful child of the universe and will never be forgotten! I look at her pictures all the time and think about you both.

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