Elie’s Favorites

Elie’s Favorites booklet.

I am hoping to make more of Elie’s booklet this weekend. We’d like to send them to anyone who would like one that wasn’t able to visit her that Friday. If one of those someones is you, please send your mailing address to us at:

We are hanging in there, but really we’re doing okay. Time moves so slowly now, its hard to believe its only been two weeks without her. It feels like a millennium.

* Miss you Beans *

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6 thoughts on “Elie’s Favorites

  1. Kelley

    We will be traveling with our booklet and hope to send up some balloons to Elie during our travels, too. Lots of love to you guys. We are looking forward to see you again in two weeks.

  2. Dana McMurry

    I look at my book every single day. I can’t believe it has been two weeks either. I really like Kelley’s idea of sending off balloons on her trips. I might have to copy her! Thinking of you guys all the time. And looking forward to sharing brighter days with you in the future. XO.

  3. Nannie

    I dryed the rose and placed the booklet on a shelf beside Elie’s picture. Hope to see you and Darin soon. XXX

  4. GreAunt Dana

    i have our right here with me. thank you so much! ❤

  5. rebeccalehmanperez

    Am looking forward to receiving Eli’s booklet; I loved her from afar (Savannah.) It is good to hear that you two are doing ok.
    May time start to go faster for you. I liked the idea of your little Elise name tatoo. <3.

  6. Nonni

    I miss you, Beanie.

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