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Elie would have been two years old this past weekend. The three of us, her new sister included, laid out her love rocks closer to home: under the camellia outside our kitchen window which buds near her birthday and blooms all spring.

Happy birthday, Beanie.


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One year ago today…

A year since we first held you, six months since we last held you. Forever we’ll miss you.

Happy Birthday, Beans.



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Love Rocks

Everyone’s Elie-Rocks in Nonnie’s garden — Thank you to Shelli for the wonderful idea — and to all the artists who made these such special little gifts.

Nonnie’s new fountain for Elie.

If anyone else wants to add to Elie’s collection, Nonnie’s garden will always be open! — I plan to keep bringing rocks up there from our travels as well.

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A silver Elie Bean. I can’t tell you how much I love this. Gift today from the talented hands and mind of Fassy Veith.

Our ‘stamps’: Many thank yous to Laurie Larsh and her BiL-2-be Sten Mostrom at Liberty Tattoo.

Glass bead necklace containing Elie’s ashes. Made by Christina Cole in San Diego.


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Elie’s Favorites

Elie’s Favorites booklet.

I am hoping to make more of Elie’s booklet this weekend. We’d like to send them to anyone who would like one that wasn’t able to visit her that Friday. If one of those someones is you, please send your mailing address to us at:

We are hanging in there, but really we’re doing okay. Time moves so slowly now, its hard to believe its only been two weeks without her. It feels like a millennium.

* Miss you Beans *

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Just keep swimming

Just keep swimming… Just keep swimming… Just keep swimming

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Elie’s Visitation

Elie’s visitation will be tomorrow, Friday June 29, 2012 from 3-6pm. Please come by anytime.

H.M. Patterson & Son-Spring Hill Chapel
1020 Spring Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30309 | 404-876-1022

The funeral home is located on Spring St in Midtown at 10th Street (northwest corner). Since Spring St is one way headed south, find Spring St from 14th street or higher. Headed south on Spring St from the north, HM Patterson will be on your right as your approach 10th. Map/Directions


We are planning to have a smaller private memorial on the farm in Virginia at a later date, so if you are not able to come by tomorrow, please do not worry. We would also like to send a small package to anyone else who would like to honor Elie from elsewhere. We will post more about that idea at a later time.

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Bubbles the Fish

Albuterol treatments with ‘Bubbles’ the fish-mask. She actually seems to enjoy this one.


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Weird Science

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