Just keep swimming

Just keep swimming… Just keep swimming… Just keep swimming

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13 thoughts on “Just keep swimming

  1. Dana E

    That’s the ticket! I’m sure that this is the really tough part of your loss. (actually I’m sure it’s all been really tough) But keep swimming and let all those wonderful people who came to celebrate Elie’s life help you keep your head up. You guys are so very loved. I hope you are having “fun” in Maine. Xo

  2. Keep swimming and we will keep following behind you.

  3. Nonnie

    See her kicking? She is a beauty. Kick Elie Bean, kick.

    She is always with you and she will never have to struggle to breathe again. She is free to run and laugh and sing and talk…She never lost the ability to play with her toys as we had feared. She knew so much love.

    You gave her so much to take with her. No parents could have been better.

  4. Elena

    I’m sure you’ve gotten a crash course in swimming over the last few months, Mari. Keep it up. One day it’ll be alright again. Love and thoughts with you all.

  5. Jo

    There is not one moment you are not in my thoughts, actions and words…as the other comments so rightly put ‘we will be there following behind you and supporting you’. The picture of Ellie swimming is so beautiful and she looks so happy you can see it in those beautiful eyes ….she is remembered always.

  6. You and your Mom and Dad have been with me in my heart. Swim. play, laugh and enjoy the freedom to do anything you want now. You and your Mom and Dad are special angels…..

    • Nonni

      yes they are…how fortunate we are to know and love them both.

  7. Uncle Matt

    Just keep swimming! Love you, Mari! Just keep swimming! But don’t forget to breathe! Just keep swimming! …And EAT! Send us some of your beautiful pictures of New England – Elie is everywhere! And just keep swimming! LOVE Y O U ! ! !

  8. Jodie Brooks

    Keep swimming!! We’re thinking of you both and remembering Miss Elie’s beautiful smile!!

  9. Aunt Shyrl

    This post actually made me smile. Maybe Dory from Finding Nemo ( Elie’s favvy movie) was trying to tell us all somthing. Love you both, thinking about you every day during this time of healing. One thing though – Make sure you don’t swim out to far!!!! We need you both back, andddddddd there are great white sharks up there. Love You!

  10. rebeccalehmanperez

    Eli was a wonderful baby,
    Her smiles were made of sunshine,
    Her heart was made of pure gold,
    In her eyes were bright shining stars,
    In her cheeks were tender roses, soft and pink,
    We will forever remember your precious Elise
    In the most delicate miracles of life.

  11. Kelley

    I guess all Engles must love Dory and her words of wisdom. Just keep swimming…that is surely what Elie is doing and we will do the same.

  12. Karen Hoffmeier

    I’ll bet all your relatives and many friends will gladly throw you a life preserver whenever you need a rest from swimming. We are thinking of you today.

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