Vocab we never wanted to learn.

Words I’ve begun to hate hearing… Machines that are infiltrating our lives with wires and tubes…


Bolus: the medical word for a ‘meal’. In contrast to the continuous slow volume feed that we do overnight. Elie currently gets 4 bolus feeds per day, then continuous drip for 9 hours overnight.



Pulse-ox: Heart rate and oxygen saturation monitor. Magically measured by sending light through Elie’s big toe.



Insufflator-Exsufflator : Our ‘Cough Assist’ machine. Elie’s nemesis. Forces air into her lungs through a mask, then sucks it back out, mimicking a cough.



Atelectasis : the collapse of part or all of a lung.



Contracture : painful tightening of tendons due to disuse of opposing muscles.



Percussion therapy : beating the chest wall of your sweet baby with a rubber cup to loosen lung secretions.



Katy Beckett Waiver : a Medicaid extension available in Georgia to help families who make too much money to qualify for standard Medicaid but still need help paying their medical bills.


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6 thoughts on “Vocab we never wanted to learn.

  1. Polly Fabry

    Looks like Elie doesn’t trust those machines either. Sweet baby girl… she’s too young to have those words in her life.

  2. Nonni

    You know, in my book, you and Darin are real heros. The sacrifices you make for our precious Elie are phenomenal. I am humbled to be your mom.

  3. I think your Mom summed it up pretty well. Miss Elie is very lucky to have you guys as her Mommy and Daddy.

  4. Dana McMurry

    I really hate those words too. I think that you should make them the targets for your next shooting match.

    Ditto to Sara and Nonni. You guys are so unbelievably strong…even if you don’t always feel like you are. You are doing what is best for Miss Elie Bean! I am in awe of you both. Hang in there. XO

  5. Jenn

    It’s incredible that parents can muster the courage to do what’s needed for their children, even if it consists of such unfair tasks. You guys are so brave to be there for Elie – caring for and comforting her even though she doesn’t always understand. She’s so lucky to have you as parents. Hugs to the three of you.

  6. Maybe it’s wrong but I love that pic! I know Elie! those beepy whurry wonky machines ARE a bit freaky hu?

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