Crib mattress?

Anyone have a crib mattress they’d like to get rid of in the ATL? I’d like to raise Elie up in her crib at night so I can get to her more easily (we’ll just be using it like a box spring, so condition really doesn’t matter)

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6 thoughts on “Crib mattress?

  1. Nonni

    Do you need to use the crib? Why not use the junior bed and add sides to it. You do not have to worry about her rolling off.

    • I considered that already, but I’d really like to keep the crib for now but make it more standing height and we could keep her mobile since she still loves it.

  2. Jenn

    Wish I did but we’re still using ours. We got one at a consignment sale though. It was super cheap so you could try that if you don’t find one.

  3. Polly Fabry

    Hi Marietta – i don’t have a used mattress but would love to buy Elie one. My email address is… just send me your address and i’ll order and have it shipped to you.

    • Oh my, that is too sweet, Polly! A friend of mine did have a mattress available, though, so we are set. But, again, thank you so much for the generous offer regardless!

      • Polly Fabry

        glad you found a mattress… if there is ever anything else i can do for Elie please don’t hesitate to ask:) She is beyond precious… reminds me very much of my 3-yr old daugher when she was little.

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