Wash your hands, please!

To all those people we’re so happy to see, please endure my request: WASH YOUR HANDS!

Now normally you know me as the anti-anti-germ girl…more of the kind to promote licking the glass of a MARTA train to build self-immunity…but with Beanie’s case, I have to insist otherwise.

To be honest, Elie’s not that big on being held without pillow support anyway. Her sweet ragdollness (that makes me want to carry her around like a stuffed bunny) must make it uncomfortable for her. So anyway she won’t be offended if you just say hello without a hug.

I’ll have hand sanitizer if you need it. So forgive me asking and reasking, it’s not personal, you stinky people! 😉

(also she throws a bit of a hissy around perfumey or smokey scented friends… So if she cries, she’s not saying she doesn’t like you!)


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One thought on “Wash your hands, please!

  1. That’s totally understandable. I hated and still hate having to ask people to do it around Rob but Elie’s health comes first and everyone should understand that.

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