Hello Dangley Friends

Beanie says good morning to much missed Miss Chandelier and her dangle gang.


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8 thoughts on “Hello Dangley Friends

  1. Nonni

    Oh my, her hair is getting long and light. But those eyes are amazing. She still has her baby fat. That is good. I love you, Elie.

  2. christinap0wers

    precious!! i was thinking the same thing as nonni…look at all that hair and those big brown eyes!! just beautiful!! so glad elie is home!! love to you all!!

  3. jesica

    welcome home!

  4. Dana McMurry

    She is the perfect baby model!! The Gerber baby and Jody Foster have nothing on Miss Elie. Glad she is at home spending time with her friends. Did Darin name them, BTW?

  5. Mandi Innis

    Look at those big, beautiful brown eyes. Only 8 more days!!

  6. She’s just as gorgeous as ever!!! I’m glad everything has gone smoothly the last several days. Much love to Elie 🙂

  7. Sara

    She’s adorable! I also agree with Nonni. In one of you hospital photos sure looks blonde.

  8. Trish

    Elie looks so comfy back at home with her buddies! Glad the surgery went well!!

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