Surgery went well.

Elie’s surgery went well yesterday. Dr Wulkan said the part that took the longest was finding a vein (they had to go through her groin in the end). They extubated her quickly (took the breathing tube out of her throat) on request of Dr Brooks. She is now on a bi-pap until ‘she decides she wants to come off it’.

We are in the PICU with watchful care and will be moving to a regular hospital room when Elie is ready.

Baby girl had her eyes open and looked around a bit this morning as much as she can.


Elie was taken off the bi-pap and is breathing well.


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20 thoughts on “Surgery went well.

  1. Jenn

    Sweet baby girl. Glad things went well. Sending love for her to feel better today. What a stressful Monday!

  2. Nonnie

    I want to hug her and I know you do too. I’m praying for you Eliebean. I love you with all my heart.

  3. Benton & Michelle

    We are very happy to hear the surgery went well and Eliebean is recovering without issue.

  4. Karen Hoffmeier

    Saying a prayer for her. Hope you all have a good day.

  5. Dana McMurry

    Sighing big huge sighs of relief!! Its amazing how much you can love someone you’ve known such a short time. Although, I guess she’s an extenion of her mother, and I’ve hero-worshipped her my whole life. So thankful everything went well. XO.

  6. christinap0wers

    yay! we wish you a speedy recovery miss elie!!
    sending lots of love your way!!

  7. Uncle Matt

    What a trooper. Sending my love and prayers, too.

  8. Nonni

    I know what you mean, Dana. I always thought having a grandchild would be neat, but I never could have imagined the connection I feel with Elie.

    BTW, I have hero-worshiped you and Mari all of your life, too. Keeps us humble :).

  9. Nonni

    BTW, she is off the bi-pap machine! Mari sent a sweet picture of her resting peacefully.

  10. Awesome, she’s a fast recoverer indeed to be off the bipap already! Glad everything is going so well!! Love you guys, E & S

  11. Courtney Young

    So glad the surgery went well!!

  12. Kelley

    We are so happy things went well. Love to you all.

  13. So happy to hear she is doing well. We are always thinking about you guys.

  14. jesica

    so glad she’s doing well! thinking of you guys!

  15. Kip

    Glad to hear things went well with the surgery!

  16. Mandi Innis

    Yay, way to go Elie! Btw, can I just say, she is the cutest thing in the world! Is her hair becoming more blonde? Either way, everytime I see a picture of her, I just want to gobble her up! I can’t wait to see you guys in two weeks! Love you!

  17. Joann

    Happy to hear the surgery went well…my prayers continue to be the family.

  18. Trish

    So glad everything went well!! I haven’t even met any of you yet (will see you @ Dana’s wedding!), but you are all in my thoughts every day. Hope you are able to bring that cutiepie back home soon. Best wishes!

  19. Jodie Brooks

    Happy to hear everything went well! Keeping you all in our prayers.

  20. tomtomaka

    We are glad to hear that the surgery was a success!

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