Elie’s favorite Dr Seuss character? Sylvester McMonkey McBean, of course.

Now that the bi-pap is off and Elie is breathing well, we can be transferred to a regular room. However, none are available, so likely one more night in the PICU. The feedings via the G-tube have begun. First Enfalyte, then formula. If all continues to go according to plan, with any luck we’ll be home tomorrow.

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8 thoughts on “Sneetches!

  1. christinap0wers

    Yahoo!! Way to go Elie!!

  2. That’s FANTASTIC!!!!

  3. Khristie

    So adorable. Love her little kitty!

  4. Dana McMurry

    Yay! So thankful things are going well. I love how she is so interested in books. I kind of thought she would a pants with nobody inside them kind of girl. But, maybe that’s too scary.

  5. Sarah, Sam and Tom

    Yea!! So glad it’s a pretty quick trip, then home again.

  6. Jodie Brooks

    I hope you’re going home today!! Will check back later for an update!! 🙂

  7. Aunt Judy & Uncle Terry

    Can’t wait to see her again next week in Charleston. Hope you got to go home today.

  8. Caroline

    I’m so glad she’s doing well! I started following your blog after you posted on Avery’s.
    You have such a precious little girl =)

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