She’s gone


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8 thoughts on “She’s gone

  1. Uncle Matt

    Such a heartbreak. Bless you Avery for sharing your short time with so many.

  2. Khristie

    Was shocked and heartbroken to hear this.. 😦

  3. Karen Hoffmeier

    I had already sent my request to Ellen’s Show. Perhaps another family can represent Avery and all the others.

  4. Mandi Innis

    So sad!

  5. Joel Ilao

    I was so shocked…. We all live to become other people’s memories…..

  6. Sarah and Tom and Sam

    I am so shocked and so sad. My heart goes out to Avery’s brave family.

  7. Victoria Wibbenmeyer

    Elise family, you touched so many hearts on earth, and I haven’t even met you. Our prayers are with your family.

    • Victoria Wibbenmeyer

      Your blog has touch our hearts in Missouri. An angel we got to know by your blog, how blessed we are by a touch of heaven.

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