Avery on Ellen

At this point, I seriously doubt they need our help getting Ellen’s attention since Avery’s blog has been on nearly every news site that I’ve been to. But today is the day we were supposed to mob Ellen with hits, so might as well!

Here are their original instructions: From Avery’s blog


Regardless of what you do with the information, it is better to know what you are facing.

1 in 37 (2.7%) in Caucasian
1 in 46 (2.2%) in Ashkenazi Jewish
1 in 56 (1.8%) in Asian
1 in 91 (1.1%) in African American
1 in 125 (0.8%) in Hispanic

And if you are related to Darin or me, your chances are much higher because we are known carriers. Already having a child without SMA in no way mean you are safe. As long as one of you is not a carrier though, you are in the clear.


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