Inspiration from Avery

I think I’ve read Avery’s entire blog, and watched all her videos now.The first (of many) SMA chronicles that has made me happy instead of sad. So I am taking inspiration that it’s ok for us to be happy too!

Please help make Avery’s story go as viral as possible (it’s Elie’s story too, just much more entertaining to read;) )

May 1 (Tuesday) everyone is to blog Ellen Degeneres to get Avery on her show and raise awareness of SMA.

Avery’s Bucket List



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6 thoughts on “Inspiration from Avery

  1. Nonnie

    Yes! We celebrate the life and love she brings us everyday! We should also take a day for each of us to post on Facebook to all of our friends.

  2. Leyda Hughes

    I’ll share this with the doula’s we know from Oscar’s birth. They are very connected in the birthing community in Atlanta and also blog a great deal.

  3. Karen Hoffmeier

    Thanks for sharing. All of these special blogs help to educate all of us. Love the last photos of Eli!! Great birthday hat!

  4. Uncle Matt

    Love it! Ellen on Tuesday! How do we do that?

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