I’m Four!


Lordy, lordy, looks who's four. Me!

The opening lines of Chrysanthemum, a gift from family in Wisconsin (and one of our favorite books), say best what we were feeling four months ago today …

The day she was born was the happiest day in her parents’ lives.
“She’s perfect,” said her mother.
“Absolutely,” said her father.
And she was.
She was absolutely perfect.

Happy Birthday Elie!

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8 thoughts on “I’m Four!

  1. Uncle Matt

    Happy Birthday, Elie! You make that hat look awesome!

  2. Khristie

    Happy Birthday Elie! Hope the petit fours were yummy!!

  3. Sara

    Happy Birthday Elie! I know your Mommy & Daddy spoiled you rotten!!

  4. Sarah and Tom and Sam

    Happy, happy Elie! Your eyes are so beautiful in your birthday portrait!

  5. Happy 4th to you, Elie! My daughter had SMA as well…..you look so much like her 🙂

  6. Dana McMurry

    Yay! I hope that the birthday princess enjoyed her day. Khristie, I love the idea of petit fours, so clever!

  7. Khristie

    Dana-the petit fours were all Marietta:)
    How did she like the frosting?

  8. Aunt Dana

    Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear ELIE!!!! Happy birthday to you!! (It sounds so much better here than in person) Right Bits???? haha!

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