Dr Brooks and our first post-diagnosis Pulmonogy appointment

We started out the appointment very much on the wrong foot with a few nurses who did not know our diagnosis (one asked us that since Dr Brooks was running late, if we’d like to meet with a NP instead! Are you kidding us? This is NOT an appointment that a NP can handle). Once Dr Brooks did make it in though, she proved why she was recommended to us. She understands the diagnosis, the care choices, the problems and the variations of progression of what we are facing. She will be our point person for all care moving forward.

Dr Brooks walked us through the machines and ordered the equipment we will need. We will be starting out with an Ambu-bag (for breathing assistance) and a suction machine. A Cough Assist machine is also on order but will take longer to come in than the first two. An assistant gave us an overview of how to use the ambu-bag and suction equipment that we will be getting.

Elie is now clear for her g-tube surgery. We will be meeting with the highly recommended GI surgeon (Dr Wulkan) at Egleston (instead of Scottish Rite) next Wednesday, which is great since Egleston is within walking distance of our house instead of the 20 minutes to Scottish Rite.  After further discussion with Dr Brooks, we will not be doing the Nissen-fundoplication wrap of Elie’s esophagus, but instead control any reflux with medication. This will make the surgery easier on Elie’s respiration and lessen the time she would need intubation. We discussed our concerns about when to time the g-tube around our trip to Charleston for Dana’s wedding and Dr Brooks replied, “you seem to be thinking ‘weeks’ before we start to see Elie’s respiration be compromised, I’m looking more at ‘months'”. This is great! in all likelihood we will be able to spend a full week in Charleston and wait for Elie’s g-tube surgery until after we return .

Despite the scary topics we had to discuss, the appointment went well and we are extremely glad to have Dr Brooks’ help.

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3 thoughts on “Dr Brooks and our first post-diagnosis Pulmonogy appointment

  1. Kelley

    It sounds like Dr. Brooks is a keeper. Thanks for keeping us so well-informed. “Hi!” to Miss Elie!

  2. Dana McMurry

    I’m so thankful that you have found a doctor you can trust and one who has time to go thorugh all of this information. I’m also over-joyed that all of you will be there for our big day. It wouldn’t be the same without the three of you! Although please know that if something comes up, we will understand. You’ll be right there in our hearts the whole time no matter if you are standing next to us or cheering us on from ATL. XO.

  3. Dr. Wulcan is one of the best pediatric surgeons, not only in Atlanta, but probably in the States. We needed his services for Hannah and he was wonderful. He will give Elie incredible care.

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