Just us

For awhile there I thought I’d be able to listen to everyone telling me that I need to hire a nanny once a week. I even put out an ad. As soon we interviewed one girl, though, I knew I couldn’t do it. Maybe it’s not good for my mental health to be beside her 24-7… whatever, I’m not crazy yet. I just need so strongly for Elie to be entertained every second she’s awake, so scared for her to be sidelined. So scared something will happen and neither of her parents would be here. So for now, it’s me and Elie, playing on this living room rug…just us.

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8 thoughts on “Just us

  1. Mandi

    Opinions are like ______ (you get the hint), everybody has one. Even me; which is why I would say, your making a good choice. I would be the same way. Love you all very much, and thinking about you everyday!!

  2. Uncle Matt

    I’d go crazy! lol. We made Thursday nights mom night. I stayed home with the baby while mom went out wherever she wanted… I think it was good for both of us–it helped me reeaaally appreciate what she was going through and I got to know my baby better. It wasn’t long before we were both just going out and taking the baby with us. Heck with what others thought 🙂

  3. Dana McMurry

    Sounds like a slice of heaven to me!

  4. Khristie

    Can’t think of a better place to be. I’ll come play on the floor anytime 🙂

  5. Nonnie

    I feel the same way about my baby, even if you are 35. I love you with all my heart, Mari.

    And now I know how much I truly respect and love Darin, too.

    I also know you need this time to be a family and so I give you the space you need. Even if it hurts to be so far away.

  6. Kelley

    As it should be.

  7. Jenn

    I’m right there with ya! I wouldn’t leave her side for a minute.

  8. Elizabeth

    I don’t know a mom who “wants” to leave her baby (and I know a LOT of moms…). I think Matt’s idea of letting Darin stay with her so you can have Mari time is a valid option if you need it. You also have tons of family members that can help if you need a break so listen to your own body and do what you need to do! I LOVE YOU!

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