New favorite toy!

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5 thoughts on “New favorite toy!

  1. Mandi

    This is absolutely adorable!

  2. Uncle Matt

    Aww, looks at that smile! She’s loving it! Makes me want to give her a rasberry 🙂

  3. Cousin Sarah

    She is so cute.:)

  4. Nonnie

    It was so nice to spend the week with Elie Bean. She is such a happy and entertaining little girl. Elie’s Poppie (alias GrandaddyKeith) bought her a play gym and Mari and I spent hours hanging different toys from it for her to bop at. Her hands are quite weak and she has little to no neck strength so we tied ribbons to the toys and placed the ribbons in her hand.

    The helium balloons kept her moving and entertained for hours…(OK, I admit, it kept us entertained also!) Elie also used her right hand to manipulate a spinning ball and to make a Kaleidoscope app on her Daddy’s IPad change.

    Keith also rigged the shower so the garden hose could be attached to the shower head and warm water could be used to fill her pool without boiling 10 pails of water. When we put her in the pool, she was able touch the bottom this time and used her feet to “walk” around in circles. This is quite a step (LOL) since she moves her legs and feet very little.

    I bought her three dresses to wear to Dana’s wedding, and Mari is making a mosquito net for her red wagon. I must say, I don’t know what Keith and I were thinking when we moved to Virginia. It is much too far away!

  5. Ginny Schiwinger

    She’s adorable and so fortunate to have such loving parents and support group.

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