GI Update

Met with Dr Lewis today. Elie is gaining weight nicely.

Plans for g-tube will begin after our appointment with Pulmonology in mid-april.

They will likely do a little bit of additional surgery laparoscopically to tighten the bottom of her esophagus to resist reflux at the same time as the g-tube insertion.
For that procedure she needs to be 12 lbs though. So we’ve slightly upped her feeding to beef this girl up. (she’s currently 11.6 lbs)

With the g-tube Elie can still swim, lay on her belly, etc. only thing she can’t do is scuba dive 😉

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3 thoughts on “GI Update

  1. Dana McMurry

    Darn, I’ll have to return the scuba outfit I got her. So glad that she’ll be able to still lay belly to belly with her Daddy!

  2. Nonnie

    I can’t scubba dive either…them sting rays scared the begebees out of me!

  3. She is a darling..I’m glad Judy sent me the link to be able to keep in touch. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

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